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Klok 1.5 features and bug fixes

New Features:

  • System Tray Integration

  • Monthly and Weekly timesheet export with comments.

  • Ability to reorganize the project tree through drag and drop
  • Drill down ability on Pie chart reports
  • Configurable data storage location
  • Automatic check for updates

  • Context menu actions on project tree view

  • Window position is remembered between sessions

Bugs Fixed:

  • Can't "work on" more than 5 items in the same session
  • Editing the start or end time from the project view screen does not update the table on that screen until you switch to another project and then come back
  • Recent projects are lost when you close and re-open Klok
  • If you have a timer running at midnight, it stops at 11:59 - This still happens (for technical reasons to be addressed later), but a second timer will start at midnight and continue counting until you stop it.

This has been resolved in the latest beta version

Some people have reported that there is an issue with installing the beta over an existing 1.0 installation which results in what seems like the entire project list going missing. It also seems that you cannot create any new projects. There appears to be an issue finding the data from the default data location which is easily solved.

If you go to the Preferences screen and click the button to choose a new data file folder you will be prompted with a directory browser. If you leave the default selected folder as is and click "ok", it will start working. I am working on this and will be fixed hopefully soon.

Just In Case

If you find a bug or would like to request a feature, please submit it at

Before you Download the Beta

Like any beta software, you should be ok with the fact that you are installing something that may still have bugs. Before installing it, it is recommended that you backup your data file.

Wanna try out the beta? Download it now.

If you find bugs, submit them at For any other questions or suggestions just email me at