Klok_v2.5.11 not starting anymorein Windows 7 x64

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Klok_v2.5.11 not starting anymorein Windows 7 x64

Postby jc.debarros » Mon Oct 17, 2016 3:59 pm


I've got Klok v2.5.11. It has stopped working on my Windows 7 x64 after I think an update of W7, whereas it used to work fine.

I've uninstall/re-install Adobe Air version 23 to 17, but none of them make it to work!

Klok just freezes and stops responding, and after several minutes (more than 15 minutes), I have to stop it eventually.

Could anybody help please? I really need my Klok up and running...I'm loosing out moneys!!!



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